About AGATE Institute


We are dedicated to providing training opportunities that educate, empower, inspire and help cultivate advanced knowledge and skills for EMDR clinicians specializing in children, adolescents & adults. This is done with the ultimate goal of helping clinicians promote lasting change in the lives they touch. We are committed to offering only the best programs and courses to EMDR clinicians.

We use various formats to make trainings more accessible to facilitate learning.



AGATE (Ana Gomez Attachment Trauma Education) Institute was founded in 2013 to provide comprehensive and transformative training programs to EMDR clinicians working with clients affected by trauma with the latest literature and research on trauma treatment. We were one of the first organizations to provide advanced Online EMDR trainings offering EMDRIA CEs in the USA and around the world.

We have organized dozens of Online summits attended by thousands of clinicians worldwide with some of the best trauma and EMDR experts on complex trauma and dissociation, addictions, neurobiology, and attachment.


We organized the first summit of EMDR therapy with children in 2017. Multiple workshops on EMDR with children and adolescents have been delivered in the last ten years.

The AGATE Institute partnered in 2019 with the Vermont Permanency Initiative (VPI) to organize the 1st Child and Adolescent Complex Trauma Conference in Vermont.

We have also trained thousands of  Spanish-speaking clinicians on a wide range of topics related to EMDR therapy and trauma treatment.

The AGATE Institute and Ana Gomez have over 225 hours of training content and over 50 hours of pre-recorded trainings. Now we have added extensive and unique possibilities for your basic EMDR training!

In 2016 our Institute had the idea of providing accreditation to EMDR child clinicians. We are now creating a pathway for clinicians to become certified as EMDR Child Specialists and as EMDR Child Specialist Consultants.

We believe in inclusion and providing a safe relational environment where learning and growth are possible!

The AGATE Institute and Ana Gomez have created a complete journey for you to transform your clinical practice!

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