This course is for practitioners who treat adults with complex trauma.

Come and journey with us through the intricacies of the human mind and reach new depths of understanding and expertise in your clinical practice

Training Overview

OUR EMDR Basic Training meets EMDRIA standards and offers additional hours on attachment theory, polyvagal theory, complex trauma and the latest findings from neurosciences and trauma. We’ll provide a safe learning and relational environment that will enhance your overall experience.

You’ll develop the skills to deliver the eight phases of EMDR treatment and utilize procedural steps while guided by case conceptualization and moment-to-moment decision-making markers founded on the Adaptive Information Processing model (AIP) (Shapiro).

You’ll also learn how to work with trauma-related symptomatology from a depathologizing and deshaming approach that embraces diversity and the uniqueness of each individual across the lifespan!

Basic Training Content

Your full EMDR basic training consists of:

  • 20 hours of theory
  • 20 hours of practice
  • 12 hours of training dedicated to the treatment of complex trauma in adults and older adolescents
  • 4 hours of prerecorded training videos that will bring you up to speed on the latest research and literature on complex trauma and dissociation
  • 10 hours of consultation with expert clinicians
  • A total of 66 hours and 52 CEs 

Our trainings bring together adherence to Shapiro's Model with the latest findings in neurosciences, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, trauma and complex traumatization, the polyvagal theory and more!

Your basic training is delivered in two parts. Each consists of 10 hours of theory and 10 hours of practice. In addition, we provide 8 additional hours on the utilization of EMDR treatment with complex trauma cases. Each part of the training is delivered over four days for a total of 56 hours of training plus 10 hours of consultation. Five consultation hours will be provided in one day in groups of 9 or 10 participants guided by EMDR therapy experts.

Prerecorded Training

4 hours of prerecorded trainings on attachment theory, complex trauma, regulation, dissociation theory, and the polyvagal theory, all incorporated within the adaptive information processing model (AIP) and the use of EMDR procedural steps and the eight phases of treatment.

Training Organization

Mornings will be dedicated to learning the EMDR methodology and procedural steps through lectures, videos, vignettes, visual aids and group discussions where moment- to-moment  decision-making markers are explored. This will give you a very tangible experience!

Afternoons are dedicated to giving you the opportunity to practice and experience the power of EMDR therapy as a clinician, client and observer while supported by our faculty of expert companions.

The fourth day is completely dedicated to learning the art of delivering EMDR treatment to adults affected by complex trauma and attachment wounds.

After the training, you will be able to:

  • Utilize and develop case conceptualization skills using principles of the AIP model 
  • Utilize EMDR therapy with a wide range of clients’ symptoms 
  • Understand and apply concepts from attachment, dissociation and polyvagal theory in your therapy sessions.
  • Utilize and apply EMDR therapy and its eight phases of treatment especially with adults and older adolescents.
  • Use case conceptualization skills and decision-making markers in the delivery of EMDR treatment as a comprehensive approach based on practices sensitive to race, culture and gender. 
  • Understand and utilize EMDR therapy with clients dealing with addictions, grief, somatic symptoms and more

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Once you register will have access to a learning management system where you will find detailed information and guidance as you embark this journey!!

Our Manual

You will have access to an EMDR manual designed to support your learning experience full of color, illustrations, graphics, a case board and diversity sections throughout the manual.

Man opened a magic book with growing lights and magic powder. Learning and education concept.

EMDR therapy will support your clients in developing a new relationship with their unique stories and with themselves.


EMDR therapy embraces the wisdom of the moment where the past, present and future co-exist in one single embodied mind

Eligibility Criteria

This training is for:

  • Licensed mental health professionals with master’s degrees, such as professional counselors, social workers and qualifying registered advanced-practice mental health nurses.
  • Pre-licensed mental health professionals who hold master’s degrees and are actively pursuing mental health licenses through their state boards.
  • Mental health master’s or doctoral students who have completed their core graduate academic coursework and are doing their practicum/internship.

See an in-depth description of who’s eligible to attend this training at EMDRIA

How to Start Your Journey

Click on the button that says “register” and thoroughly read the eligibility criteria to make sure you qualify. If you have questions or are unclear if this training is for you, please email us at info@anagomez.org


  • Full refunds are available if cancellation is made within 48 hours of registration. Otherwise, there is a USD 100 processing fee.
  • No refunds will be provided if cancellation is made within 15 days of the training. The fee will be transferred to a future training minus the $100 processing fee.
  • Once the training begins, no refunds or transfers will be granted unless extenuating circumstances exist.
  • We reserve the right to cancel, and fees will be refunded or forwarded to a future training.


No partial credits are granted. This training must be taken in its totality
Walk with us into a field of extensive healing possibilities for your clients through EMDR therapy!

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