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We are dedicated to providing training opportunities that educate, empower, inspire and help cultivate advanced knowledge and skills for EMDR clinicians specializing in children, adolescents & adults. This is done with the ultimate goal of helping clinicians promote lasting change in the lives they touch. We are committed to offering only the best programs and courses to EMDR clinicians.

We use various formats to make trainings more accessible to facilitate learning.

Connecting Minds
and Promoting Healing

We help clinicians promote lasting change in the lives they touch.

Intensive Programs

Become an EMDR Specialist. We have four programs that contain online courses, a week-long intensive retreat plus hours of group consultation. All with the goal of providing the best training opportunity for clinicians wanting to specialize in the use of EMDR with children and adolescents.

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Intensive Trainings Calendar

EMDR Child Specialist Certificate Intensive Program – Online

September 22 - October 1
Virtual Training

EMDR Sandtray Specialist Certificate Intensive Program – Phoenix, AZ

October 16 - October 20
Ahwatukee Community Swim, Tennis, and Event Center

EMDR Child Specialist Intensive Program-Level 1

During the eight-hour online training and the intensive week-long retreat, clinicians can learn advanced skills and practice under the direction of Ana Gomez, the HOW-TOs of EMDR therapy with children.


EMDR Child, Complex Trauma & Dissociation Specialist Intensive Program – Level 2

In this intensive you will receive an in-depth coverage and review of the latest literature and research on complex trauma and dissociation in children.


EMDR- Parent-Child & Attachment Specialist Intensive Program

This program covers the “Attachment- Informed EMDR Program to Heal Intergenerational Wounding and Repair the Parent-Child Attachment Bond” developed by Ana M Gomez.


The EMDR-Sandtray Specialist Intensive Program-Level 1

The nine-hour online training and the intensive 40-hour retreat is done in an intimate setting with a limited number of attendees. This training will teach the EMDR-Sandtray protocol in-depth and thoroughly.


EMDR Adult, Complex Trauma & Dissociation Specialist

This training intensive includes an overview of what makes Complex PTSD and Dissociative Disorders different from PSTD and different from each other. We explore the similarities and differences between ego states and dissociative parts in clinical practice, with treatment implications.

Virtual Trainings

A complete web-based workshop experience in the comfort of your own home or office. You will be able to see the presenter LIVE, ask questions, participate in polls, see the power point and watch therapy videos from your own computer. In addition, you will be able to get CEUs! You ONLY need to take 3 steps: 1- Register 2- Download plug in and test it 3-The day of the training, click on a link to access the training.

The EMDR trainings we offer have been approved for EMDRIA (EMDR International Association) continuing education credits (CEUs) or Continuing Professional Development credits (CPD). We invite you to check with your country's EMDR organization to see if they accept the EMDRIA CEU-CPD credits.

Virtual Trainings Calendar

No events currently scheduled. Please check back soon.

Live Seminars and Training

Ana M Gomez, MC, LPC is an EMDR Institute, and EMDR-IBA trainer of trainers. She is a psychotherapist, author, and an international speaker on the use of EMDR therapy with children and adolescents with complex and developmental trauma as well as generational wounds and dissociation. She has been the keynote and invited speaker at numerous conferences and workshops. She has presented in over 70 cities in 16 countries.

Ana is the author of EMDR Therapy and Adjunct Approaches with Children: Complex Trauma, Attachment and Dissociation and several books, book chapters and articles on the use of EMDR therapy with children and adolescents.

Ana and co-authored with Dr. Francine Shapiro, an article on the use of EMDR therapy with children, published in 2013.

Ana has de developed numerous intensive programs and protocols that include the “EMDR-Sandtray Protocol” and "The Systemic, EMDR- Attachment Informed Program to Heal Intergenerational Trauma & Repair the Parent-Child Attachment Bond."

Live Workshops Calendar

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