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Master Class 10
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10th Master Class with Ana Gomez: The Story-Making Protocol: Co-Creating Meaning in EMDR Therapy with Young Children

October 22, 2021 @ 9:00 am - 11:30 am PDT

This event has passed and is now included in the bundle class of Ana Gomez Master Series Classes 6-10.

The story-making protocol (Gomez) can be a portal into memory networks harboring traumatic material in young children or in general, children that need a much closer companionship as they approach their stories of adversity. The Story-making method invites the active participation of the child in co-creating meaning and accessing the stories of trauma and adversity. It has multiple levels of involvement, titration and distance as well as rich and theoretically sound procedural steps. During this presentation, EMDR clinicians will learn step by step how to move into processing phases with children that need the active involvement of the parent and the clinician whether it is because of their age, or their unique qualities. How to work with the parent to prepare the story prior to accessing the trauma directly with the child will be addressed. In addition, how to prepare to access the different levels of information processing, the cognitive, emotional and somatic as we co-create the story will be covered.

Even though this access route by no means is the only portal available to the young child to enter memories of trauma, it is one road that can highly support and make the accessing of traumatic material easier as well as playful and developmentally appropriate to young children. Expressive arts, Sandtray strategies, play therapy, puppet shows and more can be incorporated into the story-making method. It borrows a few elements of the storytelling approach to EMDR therapy developed by Joan Lovett, however, the story-making protocol has significant differences, additions and procedural steps that makes it a unique protocol.


Clinicians will be able to:

  1. 15 min- Cite the theoretical framework of the Story-Making Protocol.
  2. 1 hour- Utilize specific procedural steps with the parent initially, and then with the child to move into processing phases with children that need the active involvement and support from the parent and the clinician.
  3. 45 min- Utilize procedural steps of the story-making protocol that incorporates expressive arts, Sandtray strategies, play therapy, puppet shows.

CE Information

2 EMDRIA credits
Program approval number: 07005-80

Proof of Weekend 2 Completion of The EMDR Basic Training is required for attendance.
Grievances must be put in writing to Info@anagomez.org or info@agateinstitute.org
ADA assistance: Please contact Jim Mason at info@anagomez.org if special accommodation is required.


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